Precious Ilya

A lot of digital artists can quickly identify a Kuvshinov piece immediately. His style is distinct and unique to him. Quite frankly I haven’t found any other artists similar to him. From detailed works to basic sketches, you can immediately point out his style. And I think I know what makes it distinctive. Line work and color.

If you pay attention to his work you’ll observe a consistent use of prominent line art. The features of his characters are well defined, especially eyes -carrying thick and bold line work. The eyes of his characters may be the most iconic and signature part of his work. 

As for his use of colour, Ilya does not hesitate to showcase bright and daring colours. These immediately catch your eye especially when contrasted with deep and dark colours. As for the skin of his characters, tones subtly change across the skin or face albeit highlights and coloured shadows. These add another dimension to his artwork and grounds them slightly in reality despite his characters being quite stylised.

I would almost describe his work as anime with a slight realistic touch.

View his work.

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