Precious Guweiz

The art of Zheng Wei Gu, better known as Guweiz, is amazingly captivating, detailed and story driven. When you look at most of his pieces you don’t just see characters, you witness scenes and frames of a movie. 
Something I noted, was that if individual elements of a piece are analysed, you’ll find that they themselves are not very detailed. Guweiz knows how to convey the story and communicate objects without spending unnecessary time defining details that will be overlooked in the final piece. Using simple shapes and textures can do this well and it is an entirely complete skill on its own. 
I find that I can spent to much time going over tiny details that will will be missed when a viewer sees my work. Picking notes from Guweiz, this is a habit I have to learn when to display. 
Guweiz also usually uses, a more muted and darker colour pallette, this has the effect of adding an atmosphere of reality that accentuates the feeling of a story. He also plays with focus quite a bit, you’re likely to see objects in the foreground and background blurred, emphasizing the realism of the scene. I employed this specifically in my piece ‘Poetic Avatar’.
His characters are drawn in an anime style much like Ilya Kuvshinov but don’t display the same vibrancy as anime. Instead, with his use of detail and focus, he pull his pieces further down to reality. 

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