Precious Gabrielle

I first joined Instagram to find art and post my sketches somewhere. In those first few weeks, I came across this, my favourite post on the platform to this day. This gentle face of a beautiful woman stole my heart. I still go back to look at. It just fills me with so much warmth. 

That is the art of Gabrielle Brickey. Her use of texture and soft colours bring me a feeling of ethereal gentleness. Unlike the other two artists, her work is quite realistic, with a slight exaggeration in facial features. She doesn’t have defined line work and she uses natural colours. And all her work focus completely on the features of beautiful characters she draws. No attention to backgrounds or foregrounds.

She was my gateway into digital portrait art and I’ve observed a lot of techniques from her, and so implementing this style wasn’t too difficult. But her work will still stay leagues above mine.

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