I had a thought, then a series of thoughts about my identity, and now I can't seem to part with the conclusion.


I won't ever deny that heritage, history and community is important; but I can't help but think that, lost in the soup of subjectivity and perspective and the vastness of everything; my personal identity, doesn't matter. What I decide to label myself, what I wish people would label me as doesn't matter, to me at least. Hence the white strip across my eyes

After understanding that my identity didn't matter to me, I wanted to then put more weight into what I put out in the world. There's no reason to be shy or self conscious anymore (struggling with that still - habit) I want to be more genuine with all that I do.

My self expression - my ability to do so is what's going to keep me grounded. Be it my search for God, attachment to the imaginary, or fleeting musings through life. I'd like express them all to and perhaps beyond my own sense of best.

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