December Update

Hehe, I really missed out a lot in the video, perhaps I should have done just a blog post after all!!!

I'm really doing great! I had a mental hiccup a few weeks ago, then I came home to see that a faceless friend @melanin.activated had sent me a print of my face. It's currently hanging on my wall(far picture in the second row, underneath Red Sky)

Aside from that, I'm really doing good. I've hit one of my goals for this period, and I'm on my way to being a chunky boi!

Also currently obsessed with Pyrite by Frank Ocean. Can you believe I only discovered it in the past month! Late to everything as always!

Monthly Summary:
General Well-being Score: +0
Physical Health: +1
Mental Stability: +1
Spiritual Health: +0


  • Michael OMGGGGGGGG, while we are all cosmically insignificant in this ridiculously complex and ever-expanding universe, I appreciate this update and I hope you continue to crush it in all domains of health <333333333333333

    (PS: Ok hair I see u, going back to our man bun are we 👀)

  • I’m so glad that you like the print! Your face is also now in my living room! I love it. I heard “I Don’t Know” by Nick Hakim the other day and thought of you

  • Hey 👋🏾 Michael thank you for the update and I am glad to hear you are doing well

    Heike Faith
  • Friend! Happy to find out you’re doing well and making progress. Looking forward to the next update. Keep going , I’m rooting for you !

    Bent Coin

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