Abracadabra - Metaphorically

Where have I gone? What am I doing?

Simple Reason:
I've decided to take a leave of absence from as many things as I can for at least 7 months. There are many things that I haven't yet dealt with that keep piling up; things like my mental, spiritual and physical health, philosophical infrastructure, and personality quirks(?). I want to focus as much of my time and resources to go through the things I need to do for them. I will still will be going to work, so I'm still living where I live, hence the metaphorical part. I can still be contacted, visited, but I would appreciate if you can leave me be, and let me be selfish for this short while.

If you really need to get in contact with me, you can send me an email or letter, if its an emergency, call me.

Artistic Reason:
There are at least 7 artworks I need to create. If you have a little bit of an idea about how significant some of the things I create are to me, I hope you can then understand why I need as much time as possible to create them to the best of my ability. The creation of each one of these works can be said to deal with some important aspect of my psyche. Knowing that I can spend quite a bit of time creating something, I want to optimise the amount of hours I can spend creating each thing. Since I'm still going to work and taking care of myself with my own time and strength...yep

House rules/Cryptic Reason:
The epic showdown! The final battle we've all been waiting for since before the foundations of the House were cemented atop the nothing we came from. All members shall fight to win the right to own and pilot the House. Any member who can not fight will be disposed of first however the others see fit. Who is strong enough, wise enough, brave enough to survive the inevitable blood bath. 


I will try my best to post at least once a month with something like so:

Monthly Summary:
[07.11.21] Today is the benchmark: I am alive, my nose is a bit stuffy but I can consider myself as quite healthy, I feel good.
General Well-being Score: +0
Physical Health: -1
Mental Stability: +0
Spiritual Health: +0

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  • Wanted to hit you up and was swiftly forwarded to this location. Haha, I look forward to your next update which should be in a few days I think. Hope you’re good buddy.


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